Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dad's Bday PhotoBooth Pictures

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My Dad's 80th Birthday

My brothers and sisters wanted to celebrate my dads big 8-0 in a big way so we decided to throw him a great big party. We had all our family and friends there. It was a great party. We had a Jazz Band and a Photobooth and the most delicious food and of course desserts by Simply Delicious. I was abit worried about having 100 people in our backyard but it worked out great. It was another "Stone Groove"

The Birthday Boy...He is 80 but still going strong

My Fabulous Cupcakes

Colleen Made this awesome Red Velvet Cake

The Goodie Table

Nanny and Patsy


CC Girl in her signature specs

Miss Mia

Aunt Rosemarie and Cousin Mikey
Our Handsome Bartender Frankie

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holidays 2011

It has been a very long time since I have blogged. The holidays came and just thought I would share a few of my holiday photos. I really have been a bad photographer lately cause my camera was broke and I have just been using my iphone to take pictures and I don't care what anyone says but there is nothing like a real camera (i did get a new camera for Christmas) Yeah.

We spent Thanksgiving at my sister Candy's home which was alot of fun, Then Christmas eve at my dads house and Christmas day at my house, all great times. And in between all of that we had a hurricane in our backyard which caused some damage, had to replace our fence and we had to rethatch our two palapa bars. We made Tamales and of course Colleen and I were crazy busy with our Simply Delicious business. Simply Delicious had its biggest holiday orders yet we managed to bake, fill and deliver over 50 gift baskets and we got alot of Positive Feedback and lots new clients.

CC is gonna be my Simply Delicious Spokes Model

CC and her GG