Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Park 2011...A family tradition for over 60 years

Easter park this year went off without a hitch it was great to see the whole family. We played lots of games and had some good food. The Easter Decorating contest was unreal some of the entries were awesome. Serena won with her American Idol entry. I was not a good photographer I failed to get pictures of all the entries. Seriously this egg competition is getting more intense every year. I started my egg then I asked Frank for help and forget it he took it over and then to a whole other level.

Frank won the chicken wing contest so he is still The Easter Park Master BBQ er and Becca won the cupcake war with her cookie monster cupcake.

Michael was the golden egg winner.

It was awhole lotta fun !

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Birthday Club For Lisa

Today we celebrated Lisa's big 30th Bday. She wanted me to cook for her. This years birthday girl gets to choose either a home cooked meal or the club taking her out to the restaurant of her choice. Lisa wanted bbq Carne Asada Beans Rice,salsa. guacamole. etc. And she didnt want a cake she requested cupcakes chocolate cake with marshmellow frosting so thats what she got. Then after cake & presents we all played Just Dance which was alot of fun.

CC is just so darn cute and she is now starting to crawl just adore her.