Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baby Shower For Mia

This past weekend my Cousins Frances and Cindy threw a Baby Shower for Mia. It was a great party and always fun to get together with all the girls in my crazy family. Mia is having a baby girl in July and she definitely got just about everything she will need for the little one.

Cindy & Mia

Cindy & Frances

Mia & Nanny

Mia & Miranda

Auntie Trudy with her Great nieces Mia, Rebekah, Jordan, Marissa, Catalina, Miranda

Angela, Deanna & Auntie Trudy

Candy with her two babies Jordan & Miranda

Jordan and Rebekah

Barbara, Mia, Nina Nin, And Leslie


All in all it was a very good gathering and my cousins are very good hostesses and always throw a good party.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Graduation Party For Marissa

All the family got together at Danny and Sharons' home to celebrate Marissas' Graduation. My cousin Danny had a song written for Marissa he played the song for us and it was so beautiful. We all got choked up. Very nice evening !

Latest 411 is Patrick has a girlfriend and he brought her to the party to meet the whole family. Her name is Jacky and she is very sweet. Weird to see Pat with a GF !

Lisa was totally enjoying posing for me today...

Lisa & Tony
Lisa & Granpa

Lisa & Ernie

Candy & Uncle David

Lisa, Patrick, Jacky, Miranda , Tylor

Miranda & Tylor

Frances & Eileen

JoJo & Candy

Cindy & Me

Dad & Cousin Lucy

Mia & Cindy

Auntie Trudy & Miranda

Aunt Alice, Uncle David, Aunt Lottie, Barbara, Nina Nin, Danny, Uncle Bobby

This is something you dont usually see in LA

I was at my friend Tracey for our monthly Stampin Up Demontrators Meeting and what is outside the side of her house but not 1, not 2, but 3 deer. Unbelievable !

This was amazing to to me. Tracey said that they often come down to drink water from the creek she has in you backyard.