Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mia Has Her Baby

Baby Nova has arrived. 8.5lbs 21.5 inches. She is so beautiful. Yet another redhead in the family. Mia gave birth on friday July 17. All is well with momma and baby !! I went to the hospital to go see the baby on saturday morning.

New Momma Mia & Baby Nova

Not happy cause we were changing her.

She is so beautiful !

Granny Franny looking adoringly at new granddaughter Nova.

Granny and Nova

Cousin Ronnie's Family Get Together

We all got together to see the new (old house) house that my cousins Ronnie and Joann totally remodeled. It was a fun day. Saw alot of my dad's side of the family that we really never see. So that was really really nice.

There are two houses on this property. The front was was totally remodeled and now they are going to start the back house that my cousin Margie and her husband live in. My Aunt Bea has had this property forever so it was really neat listening to all my cousins and my father stories about these two houses. My dad lived here too at one time in his live.

Maryann Kissing the pig (carnitas)

Joann cooked a whole pig it was delicious !

Dee Dee, Dad, Freddy, Joe, Maryann

Robbie (actually showed up)

Candy, Colleen

Frank & Aunt Bea

Colleen, Aunt bea, Candy, Me

Cousin Irene, Jack

Cousin Margie, Cousin DeeDee

Me and Aunt Bea

Everyone chowing !!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Familia BBQ

We spent 4th of July at Auntie Trudy and Uncle John's house. This holiday has been hosted by Trudy and John for along time now. It is a another family tradition to celebrate the 4th at the The Madrids swimming and just hanging out. We had the typical all American BBQ Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Potatoe Salad, Macaroni Salad(old school) , Chili Beans and for dessert we had Banana Splits, Cupcakes, Candy's Famous Jello Cake, etc. It was another very nice day with he familia.

Dad, Uncle David, Aunt Rosemarie


Nanny, Frances, Candy, Colleen, Trudy, Belinda

Frank, Uncle John

Uncle Lionel, Louie

The kids were jumping into the pool so i was taking some action shots of them. Patrick always manages to pose midair for me. I love it ! You are such a stud Pat.

Stud Patrick




Jordan and Mia. Mia is covering up her belly she is giving birth in a few weeks (I am so excited for Mia's baby to come)

Patrick, Jacky

Biann, Victoria

Julia, Victoria, Briann

Introducing the latest familia member Soleil Marie Luna is she not just too beautiful. Another redhead in the family.

Well thats all for now untill the next event.