Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Weekend BBQ

Frank and I hosted our first BBQ of the summer. I must say I was so proud of all the work Frank has been doing in our yard cause it looks and is so beautiful. We had the familia over for some Carne Asada (typical mexican's) and Cereza's. It was a good time and always so very nice to see all my cousins.

Colleen & Cousin Cindy


Freddy, Lionel, Joe & Ronnie

Candy, Nanny, Frances, Dad

Cousin Ronnie & Cousin Joann

Ernie, Frank, Freddy

Cousin Deanna & New BF

Cousin Micheal

Cousin DeeDee & Cousin Margie

My Uncle David & Cousin Maryann

The Kids were in the house playing with The Wii.

Mikey & Sammy

Jordan & Patrick

Everyone seemed to have a really good time. It was a Stone Grove My Friends. Until Next Time.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Colleen's B-Day Club

I baked Colleen's cake which was soooooooooo Good, but it was very crooked. Hey thats why Colleen is in charge of all the cakes in our business. I will stick to the cupcakes. (ha,ha)




The Birthday Girl

Nanny & Lisa

Candy, Colleen, Trudy & Lisa

Today we celebrated Colleen's Birthday at Jerry's Famous Deli. We the b-day club had great fun... we so love being together and of course the presents. We get a birthday club break next BDC is in October for Nanny's Birthday. We had a wild ride driving to and from cause we all piled in to Gertie's Caddy and she is a horriable driver. Then on the way home Trudy drove us by the old house on Bowman and Candy and I knocked on the front door and started talking to the new owner of the house and we told them that our family owned the house for 50 yrs. we grew up in this house, etc. and the lady was nice enough to let us in and show us around and it was really sad. At one point I just lost it. It felt so weird seeing and being in the house. WOW Moment !!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Las Vegas Kentucky Derby Weekend

I totally hung with the boys this past weekend for the The Run of The Roses. We had a Great Time! Dad, Robbie, Frank and I. We stood at The Hotel in Mandalay Bay. It was Awesome.

We all had dinner on friday night at Stripsteak.

Dad totally enjoy eating that meat right off the bone.
(Its Usually Natalie who does that)

I had a little bit of luck on my Video Poker.

The boys just hung out in the Sports Book trying to figure out those ponys. None of us had that big long shot but we all managed to pick the 2nd place horse. All in all it was a another great weekend in LV !