Monday, April 20, 2009

Birthday Club for Lisa

We Celebrated Lisa's 28th Birthday today. The birthday club went to Claim Jumpers and had a great time as usual.

Colleen made Lisa Thee Cutest Little Cake !!
Lisa seemed to love all her gifts we had her going that we all bought her household items for her b-day and of course she was upset so after she opened her gifts she was very HAPPY. She obviously did not want hand towels !

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Park 2009 ...The Tradition Lives On

Easter Park... our family tradition was very successful we had a good turnout this year and both the kids and the adults had a great time.

This tradition has been going strong for over 55 years maybe longer. We are not sure exactly what year it started but we have some very old photos that date back A very long time.

We had plently good Eats, Games, and of course company. Patrick was the big golden egg winner this year. Catalina won for best overall Egg in the Egg decorating contest. My goodness the entires this year were so awesome. Miriam, Baboo and Jonathon are sooooooooo creative. Every year the entries are just so amazing.

All in all Easter 2009 went off with no family DRAMA !

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Today Natalie, Colleen and I were prepping for Easter Park. You all know that Family Tradition that has been going on for 50+ years.

Trudy and Briann showed up to decorate eggs with us. As you all know...Colleen and I take our egg decorating very seriously. Well it did not happen this year Briann died her 18 pack and then took over my 3 dozen eggs

I think I got to decorate 5.