Friday, August 7, 2009

Las Vegas to See Rod Stewart

Frank, Me And Cousin Cindy went to Las Vegas and stood at The Bellagio. Cindy had talked Frank into giving up his ticket to go see Rod Stewart and let her go in his place and being the nice guy that he is he did just that. Cindy had the most deserved break that she really needed and i just love LV so I am always thrilled to be there and Frank oh my...Did he have a great trip.

Cindy asleep while I was talking away and I did not realize she was sleeping untill I heard her semi snore.

Love Bellagio Pools

Check out the name of this winning horse HOT FRANK HANK isnt that a Cool Name!

Cindy & Frank in the sportsbook betting some ponies.

Frank looking very guilty from keeping his big win from us.

Cindy & Frank Dancing at The Fontana

Me & Frank

Cindy looking sexy

Frank & Cindy

Me & Cindy At Fontana listening to my Fav Band Diane Diaz

Rod Stewart Concert

He still has it.

The concert was great ! Had a blast in Las Vegas as usual !!

Camping Trip Lake Cachuma

Frank and I went camping with the Villa's and managed to have a kafuffle free weekend. Wait... it was almost kafuffle free our tent broke and we had to get a new one but other then that the weekend was alot of fun !

Frank chilling on his "Camping Chair"

Sammy Now Chilling in the "Camping Chair"
we all tend to fight over this chair it is so comfty

Becca Cooking Breakfast

Frank & Sammy Fishing

Squish, Frank & Sammy

Chris, Ernie & Frank Chilling

The Most Beautiful Girl in The World Chillaxing

Squish & Sammy

Miranda, Jordan & Kim

Cindy having the morning coffee

Ernie & Frank

Mirand & Becca floating in the mud pool

Everyone Chilling !!
Summer Fun... we really should camp more often it is soooooooooo relaxing.